Heartiest of Congratulations
Boichitro Dot Bangla

06 September 2018

The world’s largest democracy has spoken today. The rest of the world better listen. Same-sex relations are no longer illegal. India’s Supreme Court has nullified Victorian era Section 377 of the country’s penal code, owing to the section being in contravention to the constitution. This black law used to prohibit sexual acts “against the laws of nature” thus criminalizing the entire LGBTQIA population. Gays and other sexual minorities in India are no longer criminals as of today. India and the world today is a better place after the protracted legal and social battle.

Boichitro would like to express its deepest gratitude and heartiest of congratulations to the gay rights activists and eminent personalities (some of whom are friends of us in Bangladesh) who were involved with this movement. This breakthrough verdict will have an impact on other countries of the Indian Subcontinent and the Commonwealth. It is now Bangladesh’s turn.

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