Disappointed in Bangladesh
Boichitro Dot Bangla

12 November 2017

It disturbs Boichitro to report that we had a situation where two males - one from New Zealand and one Bangladeshi were recently denied a room in various hotels in Cox's Bazaar. The tourist who goes by the alias Indigo Traveller has been chronicling his trip to many countries including Bangladesh on his YouTube channel. He had a local Bangladeshi friend who had been helping him with the language and logistics. The two sought a twin room in various hotels. As the traveller describes in his video, the hotel staff were very keen to offer him a room but when it became apparent that he would be sharing the room with his friend, they were refused a room in various hotels before they finally managed to get one after the Bangladeshi friend made an appropriate phone call somewhere. Though we have no confirmation of this, it is very possible that the hotel staff in those instances thought that they were a gay couple and refused them their hospitality. If this is indeed the case then that is a serious cause for concern. Two males have previously never been refused rooms in Bangladesh’s hotels as long as they sought a room with two beds i.e. a twin room. This pair was not a gay couple and simply wished to share a twin room to reduce costs. If this is a degradation of service ethos of Bangladesh’s hotel industry then it needs to be noted by those who are documenting the situation of Bangladesh’s gay community. This does not bode well for the occasional gay couple travelling to the country.

Indigo Traveller's Video

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